Personal finance update

[And some stuff about class. Skip a few paragraphs if you're just interested in the numbers] Are you spending more or less right now? For a lot of people this isn't a choice. Money is getting tighter for everyone who has lost their job, or had a pay cut, or exists in one of the … Continue reading Personal finance update

My happiness – thought experiment #7

The Saving Ninja, who is a fellow UK FI blogger, does these thought experiments every two months where he invites other blog writers to join in. His last one was about 'your unpopular opinion' and I wrote about how public enterprise is better than private. Today's is on the subject of happiness: “Most people’s lives … Continue reading My happiness – thought experiment #7

Why I’m delaying but not discounting social impact investing

When I started getting interested in investing I felt pretty certain I’d be doing the right thing and choosing the most ethical option I could find. I was browsing options online and the choice seemed to be narrowing down to a few funds that sit in the Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) bracket. But in the … Continue reading Why I’m delaying but not discounting social impact investing