Fixed rate savings: a stupid mistake

A small lesson learned that might be helpful to one of the few people that occasionally read this blog. I’m in the middle of buying my first house. This is exciting and I feel lucky to be able to do this when so many people are really struggling. But the excitement has been dulled a … Continue reading Fixed rate savings: a stupid mistake

Personal finance update

[And some stuff about class. Skip a few paragraphs if you're just interested in the numbers] Are you spending more or less right now? For a lot of people this isn't a choice. Money is getting tighter for everyone who has lost their job, or had a pay cut, or exists in one of the … Continue reading Personal finance update

My happiness – thought experiment #7

The Saving Ninja, who is a fellow UK FI blogger, does these thought experiments every two months where he invites other blog writers to join in. His last one was about 'your unpopular opinion' and I wrote about how public enterprise is better than private. Today's is on the subject of happiness: “Most people’s lives … Continue reading My happiness – thought experiment #7

Why I’m delaying but not discounting social impact investing

When I started getting interested in investing I felt pretty certain I’d be doing the right thing and choosing the most ethical option I could find. I was browsing options online and the choice seemed to be narrowing down to a few funds that sit in the Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) bracket. But in the … Continue reading Why I’m delaying but not discounting social impact investing