Thanks for joining me. I blog in favour of frugality and idleness for reasons of politics and laziness.

My view of money is simple and comes in two parts:

  1. That spending more doesn’t necessarily make you happier, and may even distract you from working out what does make you happy. Therefore, frugality is much easier than most people suppose when you think about it and that…
  2. …Money is hugely powerful. If you save lots of it you can retire early (that’s the FI/RE route), or you can use it to start a new enterprise, or you can even give it away and improve the lives of thousands of people

I’m now on Twitter too: @fi_left

Why write?

I wanted to write this blog as a way of refining my own thinking about money, financial independence, and my life goals.

Apart from that I kind of have two groups of people in mind.

Group 1 – guilty millennials

The first group is the one I know best. It’s people like me; left wing, concerned with their impact on the world, not necessarily high earners but doing well enough.

I would like you to leave thinking that money isn’t a dirty thing best ignored. 

I think getting control of your spending and freeing up some of your own time can be one of the best things you do for the world. 

Conversely, carrying on with your current rate of consumption is one of the worst things you could do. It’s probably negating all the other good things you participate in. This includes going on marches, wearing stickers, and donating to political parties.

But don’t worry, it’s genuinely easy to turn this around. Within a couple of months you could be happier, doing more good, and feeling much less anxious about your spending.

Group 2 – saving for FI but not socialism (yet)

You’re all the people who, like me, have drunk the Mr Money Mustache Kool-Aid.

Maybe you’re interested in politics too.

I hope you’ll be interested in what I think about the politics of financial independence.

I also hope you either already do agree, or could come round to agreeing, that measuring your social impact as well as your wealth is important.

I’m really hopeful about the promise of FI as a route to building a better world. If you are too then this is the right blog for you!

About me

I’m in my mid 20s, live in south east England and work in London. I work for a charity, and haven’t done much in the private sector except part-time stints in butcher and pizza shops.