My happiness – thought experiment #7

The Saving Ninja, who is a fellow UK FI blogger, does these thought experiments every two months where he invites other blog writers to join in. His last one was about 'your unpopular opinion' and I wrote about how public enterprise is better than private. Today's is on the subject of happiness: “Most people’s lives … Continue reading My happiness – thought experiment #7

My £10,000 a year life plan

The Monevator blog post last weekend had an offhand comment that caught my attention: “Even the leanest pursuer of financial freedom wouldn’t consider £10,000 to be a sustainable income these days. I’m not sure it impressed me much as a kid, either, although I’d now respect it as suggesting Darcy boasted a pot of at … Continue reading My £10,000 a year life plan

A quick guide to Financial Independence / Retire Early (FIRE)

This is a two part series. The first post gives you an overview. Part two goes into more detail about how to understand your personal finances better and start saving. As I said in an earlier post, financial independence is the amount of freedom you have to spend your time doing what is right by … Continue reading A quick guide to Financial Independence / Retire Early (FIRE)

What does financial independence mean?

If you've already heard of Financial Independence/Retire Early (FIRE)/FI then you're probably aware that most definitions and discussions of it emphasise these points: maximising your savings rateaccumulate assets as much as possible, e.g. by investing in index funds, so that your passive income outweighs your expensesretire early so you don't have to work anymoresomething about … Continue reading What does financial independence mean?